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Anzali Free Zone Organization

About the organization

According to the international definition of the Free Zone, the protected area is a port and non-port which is outside the scope of some of the current regulations of the country and benefits from tax exemptions, exemption from customs duties and benefits, non-formalities of currency, administrative and regulations And the ease and speed of the export and import processes by attracting foreign investment and technology transfer to the development of the mainland. Anzali Free Industrial Zone, such as: "Development, development and public services, growth and development of the economy, attracting foreign and domestic investment, creating healthy and productive labor market and labor markets, encouraging the production and export of goods, entering and operating in Regional and global markets are attracting new technologies and transferring science and technology to domestic production factors in line with global scientific and technological development, accelerating the process of commercial, economic and technology (catalysts) by creating a suitable platform for carrying out pilot projects and generalizing it to All over the country "which is the mission of active interaction with the world; in accordance with the 20-year vision document of the country He follows.