Economic and Investment Deputy of Anzali Free Zone

Question and Answer about Investment

  1. What are free zones?


The free zone is: An area in a country that facilitates and expands exports and attracts foreign capital. In other words, the free zone in the field of export of goods and the attraction of foreign capital is completely free and governments try with various solutions be facilitator for exporting and attracting foreign capital through these regions to prepare appropriate bases the appropriate fields for investment and development of exports, for employment and foreign exchange earnings.

2- What is investment?

Investing is the use of capital in various forms in each economic activity in order to produce goods and services.

3  Who can invest in Anzali free zones?

All natural and legal persons and institutions, both Iranian and foreign, and international organizations in accordance with the rules of the free zones can invest independently or through participation in the free zones

4. What is the purpose of domestic investment?

All Rial Investments Performed by national Investors.

5. What is the purpose of foreign investment and what is its type?

According to the definition of foreign investment, the attraction and use of foreign capital, such as foreign exchange funds, machinery, equipment, industrial property rights, transportation vehicles and specially transferable interest in any of the economic activities for the production of goods and services. Which is two types:

• Foreign indirect investment through stock exchanges and bonds (FPI)

• Foreign direct investment or with the participation of domestic investors (FDI)

6- Is foreign investment permitted in free zones?

One of the main goals of establishing free zones is the attraction of foreign investment. Therefore, foreign investment is allowed in these areas, but only when the investment is subject to the legal benefits of the regions, which receive the necessary permits in accordance with the laws of the regions.

7- - what is the purpose of accepting foreign investment?

The objective of accepting foreign investment in free zones is assistance to economic growth and development, increase employment opportunities, obtain and develop technology and management skills, as well as promote the quality of production and increase the country's export capacity.

8. What section foreign direct investment is allowed?

Foreign direct investment can be done in all fields where private sector activity is allowed.

9- Is it necessary to have a local partner for foreign investors?

No, it is not obligatory to have a local partner, but usually foreign investors are willing to have a local partner due to the familiarity of the Iranian parties with the working conditions, regulations and laws, the use of local facilities, etc.

10. What is the limit on foreign investment in free zones?

There are no restrictions on foreign direct investment in free zones not for the percentage of participation and the amount of investment.

11- Is it possible to use foreign names in foreign investments?

Use of foreign names and trademarks in all fields is allowed.

12. What do you mean by Iranian company or foreign company?

Iranian company is a company that has been registered in Iran, even if 100% of the shares or shares of these companies belong to foreign natural or legal persons. A foreign company is a company that has been established and registered outside of Iran.

13. Is it possible to establish a legal base as a branch and representation of foreign companies in the free zones of Iran?

Yes, any foreign company can create a legal base in Iran's free zones by registering a branch or representative office of the parent company to develop its business affairs and perform contractual assignments and marketing activities, etc.

14. Does the Anzali Free Zone have Industrial State and what facilities are there?

Yes, Anzali Free Zone has an industrial state with an area of 60 hectares, one of the most equipped industrial state of Guilan province, which has prefabricated and ready-made niches and infrastructure services such as water, electricity, Telephone, gas and telephone, and access to major transportation networks

15-what fields is foreign investment allowed in free zones?

Allowed field for foreign investment in the Anzali Free Zone are very various and include all industrial, commercial, tourism and service activities that lead to construction and manufacturing and commercial activities.

16. Is it necessary to obtain investment permits for all foreign investments?

Yes, obtaining a license for all foreign investments is mandatory.

  1. Foreign investment can take advantage of the legal benefits of free zones?
  2. Yes , if foreign investment obtain investment permits.

24. Is there possibility of foreign investment in existing units? How?

From the point of view of the free zones regulations, there is no difference between a new investment and an investment in an existing economic unit, and all foreign investors can invest in a new project or an existing firm at any time. It should be mention that the acceptance of investment in existing units depends on creating new value added, improving management, developing exports and improving the level of technology in the same unit.

18. Is it mandatory to have a bank account outside of Iran for foreign investment?

Opening of a bank account outside of Iran for keeping export revenues is allowed for foreign investments.

19. Who is responsible for acceptance and protection of foreign investment in Anzali Free Zone?

 Deputyship of investment and economic of the organization is responsible for accepting and attracting investment, As a consequence, management of attracting resources and investment that is the subsector of this deputy is responsible for all matters relating to investment, both domestic and foreign investment. This management will make every effort to facilitate investment affairs and provide preconditions for investment and will be ready for all cooperation with the interested investors.

20.What services is being provided by the organization's investment management to foreign investors?

Investment management is responsible for all coordination of domestic and international investment and takes the necessary steps to guide and issue the necessary permits.

21. Does the investment management of Anzali Free Zone Organization offer other services to foreign investors in addition to the above services?


 Providing Information about laws and regulations relating to foreign investment.

• Accountability and advisory services to applicant investors.

• Introduction of foreign investment opportunities to investors, along with their economic justifications.

• Coordinating and cooperation with relating organizations.

• Finding appropriate domestic and foreign partners and parties.

• Planning and preparing for holding meetings with various organizations.

Update date : 2/2/2018