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Car import laws and regulations

Laws and Regulations for Importing of Cars

"Buying a car with Anzali Free Zone License plate number"

A: Regulations, General Terms and Conditions for Use of Vehicle with Anzali Free Zone License plate number

The Traffic area of cars with Anzali Free Zone License plate number is 50 km and is marked at the border crossing points with traffic signs.

The end of traffic points marked with traffic signs are:

A. Main route of the traffic area:

Rasht to Roodbar Road after Imam Zadeh Hashem shrine

Rasht to Talash Road before Asalam junction

Rasht to Rudsar Road before the Chaboksar police station

Car with Anzali Free Zone License plate number cannot leave the designated traffic area and if they leave the specified area will be subject to heavy penalty and their vehicle will be stopped by police and is being concerned as smuggled goods.

There is a possibility to purchase and get license only one car per year for any natural person and legal person.

- Cars can get license and numbering their plate in the Anzali free zone that be production of current year or one year before.

- GPS device is installed on all cars and the owner of the car should refrain from any manipulations on the device.

- Since clearance of an automobile with Anzali Free Zone license is subject to a customs temporary import license and the issuance of this license requires the provision of insurance guarantees, therefore the provision of the necessary guarantees to the insurance company settled inside this region is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. The importer company and Anzali Free Zone have no responsibility in this regard.

- Assignment of car to another person after customs clearance has no obstacle and this assignment will be made according to terms and regulation of Anzali Free Zone.

- In order to leave traffic area, the applicant must obtain the necessary permits from the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Car Importing companies

Phone- Mobile


Sale Manager

Representative -Name





Anzali free zone, After car’s plate numbering center

Mr. Qalandari

Tat Khodro Iranian





Anzali free zone-Venous complex ,booth No105

Mr. Mir Kian Bahman

Pishro Khodro




Anzali free zone, North Star complex(Setrah Shomal) booth  No 217

Mr. Ghorbani

Bonian Khodro Zarin




Anzali Free Zone Caspian Complex Booth No 161

Mr. Wali Allah Kohan

Delta Motor Khazar





Anzali Free Zone ,Golshan Village, Next To The Pedestrian Bridge 

Adnan Mohammad Pour

Atieh Sazan Sannat Arian





Anzali Free Zone North Star Complex (Setrah Shomal) ,Booth  No 240

Mr. Nowroozi

Arman Khodro



Anzali Free Zone-Venous Complex , Booth No 433

Mr.Amal Saleh

Khane Khodro shomal



Anzali Free Zone-Venous Complex , Booth No 392

Mr. Taghipour

Armghan Novin



End of Shahid(martyer Fatehi Boulevard)

Ali Biaki

Nikran Mehr Caspian



Anzali Free Zone, Bagh Mahaleh village

Imam Verdi Kayvanpour

Behsaz Mashin Pargam


B) Other Terms and Conditions:

All natural and legal persons willing to buy a car with Anzali Free Zone license can go to the following companies to buy a car or purchase and import the car by itself according to clause (a) below.

Important Notes:

A. Anyone who wishes to import a car in their own name must go to the organization's commercial department and obtaining permit for importing of vehicle in accordance with the organization's rules.

Explanation: Importing cars is possible once per year either by real or legal person.

B- If applicants pay out advance payments to importer companies, he will be responsible for deposit according to contract between the applicants and the importing company, the Anzali Free Zone Organization has no responsibility in this regard.

C) in regard to exchange rate is changing every day, vehicle options (vehicle facilities) and vehicle delivery times affect the final price of cars, the final price of cars will depend on the agreement of carriers (importing company) and buyer.

Update date : 2/4/2018