Economic and Investment Deputy of Anzali Free Zone

Required Documents for transfer & assignment of Cars with Anzali Free Zone License plate

Documents required for car transmissions

  1. Principle of notary representation of the seller or the presence of the seller
  2. The Principle of the Negotiating Statute does not depart from the scope of the approved vehicle and GPS (buyer)
  3. The Non-Compliance Letter issued by the Rajakhs Police stationed at the same center
  4. Principle identity card and national card buyer
  5. Principle of Vehicle Documentation (Vehicle Ownership Document - Passenger Carrier License)
  6. Acquiring a place of residence (lease or sandwich + electric socket)
  7. Payment for the transfer is Rs. 7,500,000
  8. Examination of cars 2014 and below
  9. Carrying out insurance guarantee of non-departure from the limits approved by the traffic insurance companies located at the car site and the presence of the guarantor

Update date : 6/30/2019