Economic and Investment Deputy of Anzali Free Zone

Required Documents for transfer & assignment of Cars with Anzali Free Zone License plate

1-Principal confidentiality letter or letter of attorney (seller) with 2 sheets of copies

2-Original Principle of Commitment (Buyer) with 2 pages of copies

3- Delivery of the original document of ownership and signature of the seller under the document, in the presence of the responsible officer

4- Original identity card and national card of the buyer, along with 3 pages of copies on one page with the exact address, postal code and phone& mobile phone number

5. Provide the original traffic license (seller)

6. After delivery of the documents, pay 6,000,000 Rials on Accounting-Connex NO 2,

7. After delivery of the documents, pay 2.000.000 Rials on Accounting-Connex No 3,

8. Original driving record (One-Week Due Date)

9. Acquisition of the buyer address: Providing a copy of ownership or lease of the residential property (lease with tracking code)

Note: If the document of ownership or lease of residential property is not belonged to the owner (copy of the first page of ID card and personal identification descriptions of the closet relatives should be replaced)

10. The amount of guarantee fee declared by the responsible officer and the provision of guarantee documents with a guarantor for issuance of the insurance policy (not going out of traffic area of Anzali free zone car).

Update date : 10/14/2015