Economic and Investment Deputy of Anzali Free Zone

Understanding the rules and regulations of registration

The functions of Registration Department of Anzali FZ

1-Registration of Iranian and Foreign Non-Commercial Companies and Institutes.
Registration of branch and representative of foreign company and intellectual entities.
2-Registration of commercial and industrial Marks and title Patents and registration of logo and graphics .
3- Registration of Commerce Business offices.
4- seal of General journal and general ledger of commercial and non commercial companies in the Anzali free zone. 
5- Registration of Banks and credit institutes by observation of governing monetary and 6- banking regulations and laws in the free zones.
7-Registration of insurance companies according to governing regulations in the free zones.

Legal Formalities of Company Registration.

Each company or institution which be registered in the free zone and its head office be inside the region will be consider as Iranian companies in the region.

Update date : 2/4/2018