Economic and Investment Deputy of Anzali Free Zone

Advantages and investment opportunities in Anzali Free Zone


  1. 20 years tax exemption for all economic activities in this area.
  2. Operation of the Caspian Port Complex as the largest port in north of Iran with the proper hinterland for providing logistics services and establishment of industrial complexes
  3. )  Import of raw materials, machinery and equipments for factories and manufacturing units without customs duties.
  4. ) Joint venture with foreign investors with no limit on share and hundred percent ownership of foreign invested capital.

5) Complete freedom of entry and exit of capital and its interest.

 6) Free transfer of foreign currency to abroad without any restrictions.

 7) Foreign investors can rent land in affordable price and can be owner of their   properties and estates.


8) No need to entry visa for foreign nationals and possibility to issue employment licenses for employees and foreign specialists..
9) Non-tariff barriers for the import of goods to Anzali free zone.
10) Export of goods to overseas without customs duties


11) Assignment of land to eligible candidates in affordable and approved price.     


12) Fulfillment of affairs in shortest time and minimum administrative bureaucracy.
13) Providing variety of insurance services by public and private insurance companies.
14) Strategic position in transit path in the region due to it is being located in the north – south corridor (Nostrac).
15) Possess of suitable climate and very pleasant weather with four seasons’ nature and fertile soil.



16) Access to skilled manpower
17) Possess of unique and untouched natural tourist features such as Caspian Sea beautiful beaches, forest and wetland area.
18) Adjacency of Anzali free zone to the capital (Tehran).
19) Proximity to International airport of Rasht.
20) Proximity and Adjacency to Astra Khan port in Russia, Aqtau in Kazakhstan, Krasnodesk in Turkmenistan, and Baku in Azerbaijan via marine paths.
 21) Existence of Caspian Sea countries, CIS and the Caucasus markets with a    population over 500 million.


22)  Existence of an industrial zone in this region with proper basic infrastructure facilities for the establishment of factories and manufacturing units.

23) Export of goods to mainland and pay customs duties as much as value added specified in the value added commission of free zones and special economic zones.

24) The possibility of selling of assigned land on condition of applying for registration a company in the region for doing a project either by Iranian or foreign investors.

25) Construction of recreational infrastructure in the region, such as creating a recreational marina as the only marina in the country's north, Beach Seaside Park, Marine Recreation Center, Coastal Pool, Birds Paradise, Aquarium Complex and Reptile Garden, Complexes and active shopping centers attracting millions of tourists every year.

Update date : 4/24/2018