Economic and Investment Deputy of Anzali Free Zone

Goals and activities of the Association of Investors and Entrepreneurs


Clause 1) the objectives of the Association are as following:

1-1.  Trying and efforts to protect members' rights.

1-2.  Following to apply the laws and regulations relating to free zones.

3.1.3 Promoting Professional Knowledge and Skills of the Members.

1-4. Collaboration with relevant administrators for solving economic and social problems  in direction of benefit of members.

Clause 2) The activities and duties of the Association are as follows:

2.1. Collecting economic information and analyzing them and informing members.

2-2.  Promotion and development of professional knowledge of directors and staff through the development and improvement of professional training, and expansion of relationships with domestic and foreign educational and research institutes.

2 -3.   Conducting researching and publishing public and specialized publications and bulletins.

2.4.  holding meetings, conferences, workshops and training courses to exchange information and increase the level of knowledge of managers and staff members.

2-5-  Cooperation with similar domestic and international associations and institutions.

2-6.  Trying to create a "Health City" pilot in the region in accordance with WHO standards with the collaboration of the Anzali Free Zone Organization.

2-7.  Formation of working groups and specialized committees in the Forum, such as working groups and legal committees, educational and advisory services to provide efficient and effective services to members.

2-8.   Efforts to promote the rights and defense of members' professional rights through the provision of economic and social offers and partnerships with the support of the organization.

2-9.  Effective cooperation with the Anzali Free Zone Organization and other relevant institutions and authorities for the formulation or modification of the rules for the economic and social activities in the region.

2-10.   Efforts to improve and expand the business and entrepreneurial atmosphere in the region.


11.2  Supporting from knowledge base , educational, technical and vocational skills institutions in the region.

2-12-  Communicating with international specialized bodies such as the International Free Zone Convention, the Free Zone World Federation, the UNCTAD, the Islamic Development Bank and more.

2.13.   Providing bases for establishing joint investment funds with other free zones of the country and the world.

2-14.  Efforts to attract abroad Iranian companies and industrial, commercial and service enterprises to invest in the region.

2.15.  Planning and holding periodic meetings with the head of Anzal Free Zone Organization advisers and relevant deputyships for sharing knowledge and information in interesting matters of the parties.

2-16.   Efforts to form cultural and social clubs with due observance of regulations and obtaining necessary permits.

17.2  Identify new economic and business capacities according to needs of the region and efforts to create new investment opportunities.

18.2.. Co-operation to establish, strengthen and expand financial and monetary institutions (banks, exchange agency, insurance, etc.) to facilitate investment in order to provide members with more facilities, in compliance with the regulations and obtaining the necessary permits.

2-19. Review and investigate the views, problems and barriers of business for members and their reflection to the responsible authorities and providing approprite suggestions for solving these problems and obstacles.

2.20.  The provisions of the principles of professional ethics and discipline within the framework of laws and regulations, and the monitoring of their implementation, and the institutionalization and promotion thereof among members.

2-21-  providing necessary conditions for the transfer and assignment of transferable economic and social enterprises from Anzali Free Trade Zone to the Private Sector.

Update date : 10/14/2015